It’s been already 3 years since I took my camera and went to the forest. All I remember is that it was raining a bit and everything was covered with fog.

I fell in love with the atmosphere at the first sight and decided to make a collection of similar photos, and here are some results.

This was my favorite day and my favorite photo as I suddenly found myself in as dense fog as I could barely see my shoes. And then, the strong blizzard came and all I might’ve seen was whiteness…

This is a place where I took my very first photo and so it’s very special for me; once there used to be an arena theater but all that remained is a collection of stones- and because I like coming back here I took this photo this week.

I’ve always been choosing paths I’d known, but once I walked down the one I’d never walked before, and I saw this. I would’ve been standing there and just watching the magnificence of this scene but then a runner appeared and so I took the photo.