Last year my animal scarves went viral because Bored Panda made them public. Now I get many requests from people all over the world who send me pictures of their pets and want me to knit them. I need several weeks for a new design, and had to make a choice. I’ve decided to develop some birds and a rabbit because it’s a perfect gift if you are born in the year of the rabbit. The new scarves are available on Etsy.

Pictures are made by Sabine Edel.

More info: Etsy

Rabbit scarf in grey

Beige rabbit scarf

Rabbit scarf

Blue hyacinth macaw

Blue cockatoo stole

Hyacinth macaw stole

Hummingbird scarf

Yellow finch scarf

Canada goose stole

Kingfisher scarf

Kingfisher scarf

These scarves are available on Etsy.