I am an artist based in St Ives, Cornwall, UK. My partner and I set up the Muju Studio here 7 years ago to focus on our own creative journey. Mr Muju produces drawings, paintings and prints of an imaginary dimension – Mujuworld. I take inspiration from this world and bring the characters to life through limited edition sculptures.

We both work full time on a variety of creative projects, and have been exhibiting and selling artwork to a worldwide audience for over 10 years. 

The Cosmic Night Owl is my latest sculpture. This Owl is cast using a clear bio-resin, which is a plant-based eco alternative to standard resin.

I have combined the sculpture with an LED tea light to create a colour-changing illuminated night owl. It can be used as a bedroom night light, or ambient lighting anywhere in the house, from dining tables, to relaxing bathroom lighting (the light is waterproof) to cozy lounge settings.

This idea was inspired by two of my life-long loves… owls and the Northern Lights. I have been fascinated with glowing lights for a long time, and over the years I have tried to illuminate the darkness with different artificial lights, hoping to recreate some of the magic of the Aurora Borealis in my own home.

I have wanted to create my own glowing night light for some time, and combining one of my Muju Cosmic Owl designs with a colour-changing light has finally brought this idea to life.

The Cosmic Night Owl is a piece of art which can be enjoyed not only for how it looks, but also for the atmosphere it creates. By sharing my story and this design idea on Kickstarter I hope to raise the funds to self-produce this light sculpture.

More info: kickstarter.com | mujuworld.co.uk

Twilight Edition

Aurora and Sunset editions

Aurora and Sunset editions at night

Mini Muju Cosmic Owl sculptures

Miss Muju sculpting the Cosmic Night Owl

Aurora Edition

Mujuworld Cosmic Night Owl – light sculpture story