I’m an amateur photographer based in Poland and I love photographing people, these closest to me most. With my passion for photography came a need to work on projects rather than single shots only. And from time to time they do start without me knowing and take shape over time.

Couple of years ago we bought some land with an old barn in Izery Mountains in Poland and we came up with a great idea to meet there once a year with our friends and their families. … As long as they don’t mind not having electricity, running water, proper toilet or a nice kitchen :)

We’ve always had a lot of kids (including our son) coming over and saw them literally going unplugged and loving it. Running barefoot, getting dirty, forgetting about electronic devices and playing in the nature all day long. What has been the biggest win for us is seeing all the kids wanting to come back again and again and this becoming their best summer adventure ever – beating exotic locations, nice hotels with swimming pools or any other children paradise places they might have visited before. I do believe it makes them richer, awakes their imagination, gets them interact with each other on a very different level.

I’ve been photographing our free range kids there for last 6 years and that naturally turned into a “Children unplugged” project, which proves that there isn’t much needed to make our little people happy, simply letting them BE, giving them freedom and allowing them to get dirty…

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