Chinese telecommunication brand Huawei found an unique way to show their one of phone long exposure feature. Cappadocia, it’s the most special places in the earth with amazing views and landscapes selected for this project and I believe that Cappadocia decision doubled project effect.

Photographers always try to present best works in their arts but this work is very far away from other unusual works that you’ve seen.

Project involves pigeons that use for light trace in the first time in the world.

The video is telling the story of 3 young people, following the birdman in a livelily way. The extreme visuals of pigeons with LED lights at their claws is remaining at the forefront of this video. The visuals have shot by P8’s long exposure mode at Cappadocia Love Valley, which has peerless landscape.

One of the colorful details of movie just as pigeons was Ali the Birdman. Ali -the owner of the birds- has a huge part ending this movie successfully by means of instructing and training pigeons. Also we have to say he contributed significantly to content with his colorful personality and speaking style.

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