“Berlin – the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine,” David Bowie once said. He had been living and composing in the German capital for several years. Many people think like him and consider Berlin to be the global center of alternative culture and street fashion. In fact, the city is home to thousands of extravagant and creative people who not only do extraordinary things but also dress exceptionally and particularly chic.

Although Berlin’s particular street fashion has long been a media topic, the first photobook about it has just been published – in German and in English. The author and photographer of the book called “Berlin Street Style” is Björn Akstinat. He is the founder of schickaa, the first RealStreetStyle blog in the German capital. For the blog and the book, he does not take pictures of models equipped by fashion companies. No, he photographs real chic residents of Berlin who crossed his path by chance, wearing their normal everyday clothes. So the focus is on people instead of brands. Another feature of Akstinat’s work are the sharp backgrounds of his photos. Since they are not blurry, viewers can see where the pictures were taken and better grasp the context.

Below you will find several pictures from Björn Akstinat’s new book. What do you think about the outfits and the style of the Berliners? Write about it in the comment sections!

More info: schickaa.com

Berlin street style photographer Björn Akstinat in action

Gerwin with his dog Baldur

Björn Akstinat: “When I approached Gerwin for the photo, he was on his way to work. He is a bouncer. He liked to take a few minutes for the photo at this intersection with a very beautiful graffiti in the background. His dog Baldur was also very well-behaved and held still.”

Ron and Macha feel free in Berlin

Ron from Taiwan (left) and Macha from Belgium are friends. Ron told Björn Akstinat: “In all my school years, until 18 years old, we were asked to wear a uniform every day at school. I remember when I was 15, I found a shop in my city that sold clothes with Japanese Harajuku or Lolita style. I fell in love with all the extreme colors and quirky, cute elements in every piece. I only took some accessories and started to put them around my uniform. Yes, of course, the teachers hated it very much. Two years ago, when I moved to Berlin, I somehow slowly started to wear all the colors and the fun stuff again. The spirit of this city encourages me.” Macha added: “I was always eccentric with my clothes. It is in my family, but Berlin allows me to be really free with what I wear and still be safe in the streets. So, I enjoy every bite of this freedom and turn into extra eccentric.”

Konstantin, the yellow man

Konstantin: “Since 2006 I have been streaming through the international art scenes as a ‘Berlin Art Networker’ – a kind of performing art journalist – always in search of the ‘yellow of the egg’. That is another reason why yellow is part of my corporate identity. I sometimes curate exhibitions and have been producing installations myself for several years.”

Gregor, the man with the top hat from Friedrichshain

Gregor: “This my everyday look. I am not worried about it. I just enjoy individuality. I dressed a little more eye-catching and extravagantly during the GDR era already – that caused irritation sometimes.”

Evgenia with Jewish roots

Evgenia: “I like to combine things of different origins. This bag, for example, is made by a designer from Israel. Visually, it is rather small, but it even fits a cardigan easily! I love living in Berlin. I especially like the constant change! I know the city will be different again three years from now.”

Mark, an Englishman in Berlin

Mark: “I am a singer and artist. After growing up in a haunted house in the English countryside, I found Berlin the perfect place to write songs and create. I enjoy the city’s unconventional beauty. Today stylistically I am going for an English Wild West crossover vibe.”

Antje, “I love to use old accessories in a new context!”

Antje: “The selection of my clothes usually begins with a special detail around which I select suitable pieces from all eras and styles to create a look. Today the scarf and jewelry were the basis. Both belonged to my grandmother and I love to use old accessories in a new context. I especially like the fashion of the 20s and 30s as well as the 50s and 60s. To me, they radiate a special elegance and style. What I like about Berlin fashion that everything is possible. To say it with the words of ‘Old Fritz’ (also known as Frederick the Great of Prussia): ‘All according to their style’.”

Hipster grandpa Günther Krabbenhöft

Photographer Björn Akstinat is, among other things, the discoverer of the world-famous hipster grandpa Günther Krabbenhöft. At the release party of “Berlin Street Style” Krabbenhöft is having fun, holding the book in front of Akstinat’s face. The bilingual book with more than 100 photos on 260 pages can be ordered at all online bookstores.