Things have gotten even more fantastic in the woods of New Hampshire. After last year’s Giant Flipbooks, Beam Campers got creative again this summer, building two more insanely cool projects, including an abandoned intergalactic space station and kinetic sculpture that looks like the mothership.

90+ kids ages 10-18 worked with artist Shing Yin Khor to create Salvage Station No. 8 in just 1 week, putting in 100s of hours of work. They put to use skills they learned at camp: scenic carpentry and painting, interactive electronics, plaster casting and more.

Salvage Station No. 8 is an immersive experiential installation that creates a sci-fi narrative of an abandoned space salvage station lost in the woods. Youth crafted finely-detailed props, including intergalactic specimens, faux space gear and an old-fashioned bulletin board for note-swapping among space travelers. Kids also incorporated storytelling and theater to present the otherworldly piece to the outside world.

Beam Camp is a program of Beam Center, a NYC nonprofit dedicated to youth development and learning through creation, collaboration, and educator professional development. Every summer since 2005 we have built amazing projects with kids in the woods of NH.

Photos by David Golann.

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Sci-Fi props process by Shing Yin Khor.

Image credits: Shing Yin Khor

Small scale model becomes to life-sized environ.

90+ kids celebrate their achievement!