On a factory visit, my wife and I saw loads of abandoned wood scraps. The unique veins attracted us and we want to recycle them into beautiful objects. These patterns reminds us of traditional Chinese ink-wash painting: abstract, mellow and beautiful.

After painstaking efforts, we cleansed, dried, waxed, and polished scraps, then made some moulds to make tooling.

We tried different methods to combine with wood, but nothing worked until we think of resin. Now these deserted scraps are given new life. Each piece is one of a kind, the balance of brightness and darkness is like yin and yang. It’s full of life and very vivid.

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Ink-and-wash collection Lamp

Ink-and-wash collection Name Card holder with U-design

Ink-and-wash collection Pen Holder

Ink-and-wash collection Paperweight

Ink-and-wash collection Plate

Ink-and-wash collection Ruler