In any society, from the past until now, the four moralities “Skill – Countenance – Speech – Virtue” that have been concluded by our grandfather’s generations are always true.

Indeed, in any house, the image of a woman is really important to keep the warmth of the flame of a family’s happiness, etc. In everyday activities, we often see a woman there. That seems very easy but it is the moments making a family happy.

More info:

Your mom forgot closing the door when taking a shower

Bubble princess !

Imitate your mom to make our entire family beautiful

Oh ! Great !

Sing and dance all day

Your job is to sing, and I will handle the audiences

Wow ! So deep .

The hunter and the Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother

You can paint anywhere you like as long as you find it artistic

Let’s cerebrate a birthday for our puppy

Take it easy! All of you will get shared!

When will I be a chef ?

Let me give you a hand!

Sweet and sour, it is the flavor of life, just try tasting it!

Bi bi… bu bu …

Let’s wear diapers

Take it easy my dear! I am just beautify

Let’s play and have fun with lovely bears!

Unstoppable kisses.