I started out this project soulfully because I have always wanted a collection since as long as I can remember. Of course, considering the price tags and exotic lands one must journey through just to capture the beauty of nature is something all us poor artists can’t really afford. So I’ve decided to make my own collection. Because why not? Majority of the illustrations are made with Posca Markers on sanded olive woods and whatever materials I could find. Hope you’d like it!

The Peacock Spiders – The Little Dancers

The Ladybugs

The Tortoise Beetles

The Wasp Moths

Maratus Volan – The Peacock Spider

Cosmosoma Thia – The Tiger Moth

Allomyrina Dichotoma – The Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle

Eupatorus Gracilicornis – The Five-horned Rhinoceros Beetle

Odontolabis Mouhoti Elegans – The Stag Beetle

Dicronocephalus Wallichi Bowringi

Amyloterus Prasinus

Aspidimorpha Miliaris – The Tortoise Beetle

Cosmisoma Martyr

Creobroter Gemmantus – Indian Flower Mantis

Pandinus Impertator – The Emperor Scorpion

Sceliphron Caementarium – Black & Yellow Mud Dauber

Trachelophorus Giraffa – The Giraffe Weevil

Triatoma Sanguisuga – Mexican Kissing Bug