My name is István Csíkos, I live in Hungary, and they are my friends. Jumping spiders, dragonflies, robberflies and horseflies!

When I have free time I go to the nature and take macro photos of insects. Life has no size.

These insects are smaller than 1 centimetre. They have face, and they are very cute! They live their life, hunt, eat, sleep, and make love.

I think we sometimes forget that the world is not spinning around just the human species. The life is all of the living creatures in the planet. And the life has no size.

More info:

Robberfly with prey. Robberflies are perfect hunters!

Macaroeris nidicolens male. Like an old man face

Dragonfly larva shell

Carrhotus xanthogramma female

Bee in the rain

Carrhotus xanthogramma female

Marpissa muscosa female. Biggest jumper in Hungary with 1-1.5 cm body length

Jump or not?



My favorite species in Hungary. Aelurillus v-insignitus male

After a fight. She lost one leg in battle. This is wildlife


Robberfly. Perfect predator

Evarcha falcata male

Life and death in a circle

Dragonfly portrait