I am an Indian photographer and I am passionate about exploring different cultures through photography. Experiencing other cultures, meeting people from other communities from my own country, India, or other countries fascinates me the most. Through my photography i seek to document my personal experiences with people, places and moments as i see them and to share it with others the beauty & diversity of the world I have seen.

In this series of photographs I am sharing my photo documentation of Babas (Holy men from India) during the recently concluded “Shivratri” (Lord Shiva’s Birthday Celebration) festival.

Sadhu was quite happy, well dressed and decorated his place with colour full ribbons, it was truly a festival for him

Look who’s in Aviator. Somehow on that “Shivratri” if you see any Naga Bava wearing the glasses it was of this kind

Sadhu Nagababa suddenly peeped out and made my frame

Nude Sadhu smoking weed. On one side Indian society forces a ritual of “Lajja” and on another side they don’t mind them interacting women with Nude Sadhu, Nagababas

Sadhu Nagababa who just finished applying ash on his complete body, an ritual which they follow before moving ahead for shivratri festival procession

A Milkyway

This is how things where on that day, Sadhus Babas where busy smoking ganja and people where busy walking going nowhere

Babas waiting for someone to pay cash in exchange of blessing

Kid Sadhu after applying ashes on his whole body

Shiv Devotee standing in queue

Baba posing holding a balloon

Look who’s watching It was not their fault, she was like show-stopper. On that “shivratri” it was quite surprising to see a young girl from nagababa community to take charge of inspecting the entire pathway before the procession starts

Suddenly a Sadhu starting shouting & calling me to know in which newspaper this images will get published and when. I managed to click some photographs while he was calling me

What an jugaad… Doll on his hair as an goddess ganga

I was amazed to see the perception of people changes when one sees a normal naked human verses a naked Sadhu Bava. People where dying to get their blessings

Naga Sadhu planning to smoke weed – chilam

There is a myth that out of all Naga Sadhu on the day of “Shivratri” one is Lord Shiva, who disappears on the last ritual bath. Many of this Naga Sadhu personify themselves as Lord Shiva

Its time to Smoke, Baba Preparing some Weed

I noticed another kind of beggars, the one who is not interested in money but they beg for blessings from this Sadhu, Naga Bavas

Behrupiya – impressionist dressed as police man and Lord Hanuman (monkeyman) collecting money from the devotees

Sadhu is ready for a walk, just waiting for a lady who is approaching him to take a round before the event starts