Deep in my psyche, I am continually weaving a tale, and the deep urge to tell this story takes shape in my art. Additionally, amplified by my engineering background to create – and create something unique – with that, I am always working a color, a form, a line. There is also a subconscious feeling of answering to a divine calling that keeps energizing me to birth something that has a life of its own.

I was deeply rooted in mythological tales from childhood, attached to the Hindu Gods. I was in a manner influenced by the stories that came out of living in a strongly religious household. My father’s death motivated me to deeply introspect, feel, and explore these stories in-depth and use my art to portray them.

My goal is to bring to life the Puranas (18 books describing mythological stories of Hindu gods and goddesses on which Hinduism exists) so that the world can enjoy and understand the stories behind Hinduism in a more accessible and fun way.

The majority of my work falls in the fauvistic figurative expressionism category. But if I need to pigeon hole myself, I am an experimentalist fascinated and drawn to a new style, medium, color palette, or idea as my mind floats, inspired by the works of thousands of masters dead and living.

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