Searching for a next cross-country skiing destination in Europe I found Finland and its beautiful winter resorts in the north part of this country. Cross-country skiing is like a national sport in Finland, so I had many resorts to choose from. I visited Ruka, a ski resort in Kuusamo in the Northern Ostrobothnia region.

For a next few days I was falling in love in amazing skiing routes around Ruka and Rukatunturi – the 490 metres high hill, which gave the name to the resort. The total length of skiing trails there is almost 170 kilometres. Looking at my pictures you will understand, why Finland is believed to be one the most exceptional places for cross-country skiing in the world.

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Is it a sunrise or a sunset?

I didn’t know. The days in January were too short to find this unique moment to distinguish them.

Winter Wonderland

When the southern part of the sky was colored by the Sun, the other one was a blue background for these original snowy forms.

And the temperature was…

… minus 30 degrees Celsius! Two base layer thermal long-sleeve shirts, the Yeti Wave down jacket and the goretex jacket wasn’t too much for Finland!

Parrot pink? Salmon pink?

I couldn’t name these colors – the sky over Finland could be a color sampler for a paint shop!

No, this color here is not natural

The colors here come from the one of the lanterns illuminating the cross-country skiing trail. But it is still looking beautiful, isn’t it?

Cross-country skiing trails on frozen lakes

Yes, this big white surface here is a frozen lake. And it’s not a big deal in Finland. Huh!

Rukatunturi – the Finnish Kilimanjaro

Both the names represent mountains. You know the second one for sure. And the first one is the name of the hill in the center of the Ruka skiing resort.

The roof is on fire!

Ok, it’s not. It’s Finland. This is how the sky looks here almost everyday.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

If your passion is cross-country skiing, you can’t miss trails of northern Finland.

The most beautiful place during my trip…

… was cross-country skiing trail through the Valtavaara-Pyhävaara Nature Reserve located near Ruka. As beautiful as cold!

No filters, no graphic software

Sometimes you can feel like receiving a “stop and watch me” command from the Sun. And you won’t resist!

More than 160 kilometres of skiing trails

You can spend a week in Ruka skiing on different route everyday.

It looks like a painting!

Like a living painting of the most talented painter of the world. Mother Nature.

Even the airport in Kuusamo was all covered in snow!

There was only a narrow path for airplanes of Finnish airlines Finnair.

Have a Happy New Year! :-)

… and a lot of snow with amazing cross-country skiing tracks all over the world! :-)

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