Smart technology such as the Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue are fast becoming a staple part of many homes, providing a convenient and often novel way of doing day-to-day things that would otherwise be more complex.

Say you fancy turning the heating up just a little so it’s nice and cozy when you return home, the Nest Learning Thermostat will allow you to do that remotely via your mobile phone. Or, if you’re planning on having a relaxing night in, you feel like getting funky with some chilled out tunes and subtle mood lighting… then Google Home has you covered.

Now imagine you could take these incredible inventions one step further. What if they got smarter? Like, really smart…

Not only could they make your day-to-day life that little bit easier, but what if they could sense when you needed them? What if they could go and fetch your slippers for you so you don’t have to rely on the dog?

Climadoor got to thinking… Technologically speaking, who or what is the most reliable of all? Why, it’s the giant, sentient robots of Cybertron of course.

The Transformers as they’re lovingly known are noble, compassionate and chivalrous – those Autobots certainly know how to look after us human folk (forgetting the Decepticons, obviously). Add to that their ability to shapeshift and we’ve got a force to be reckoned with.

I can’t decide if these are a scary idea or if they’re something that I really, really need in my life? What do you think?

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Image credits: climadoor

Smart, sassy and just generally a bit of a diva, Alexatron is a transformer who loves to help others. Whether you need a shopping list creating or you just don’t fancy cooking dinner tonight, she’ll always be there to lend a hand. Based on the Amazon Alexa, she’s sure to become a big part of the family in no time. She can be a bit chatty though.


Image credits: climadoor

Sleek, sophisticated and a little bit on the pretentious side, some might say that Chronos is engineered to perfection. Based on the Apple Smart Watch, he’s known for being the smartest companion when it comes to keeping your life on track while on the go. A data whiz kid, not only can he help you maintain a busy schedule, but he can shout at you when you don’t get in your daily exercise requirements too. Who needs a personal trainer when you’ve got Chronos to keep you in check, right?


Image credits: climadoor

Strong, fierce and not willing to let any challenge stand in her way, Fitbot is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to health and fitness. Inspired by the FitBit, she’s the perfect yoga partner, where she’ll be a constant source of motivation and ready to mop your brow when things get tough. She’ll also be there to smash that cheeky doughnut out of your hand when you start to let things slide. Be careful though, she can be a bit bossy if you don’t do as she says.


Image credits: climadoor

Possibly the sweetest of the smart bot bunch, Lightwave loves nothing more than to help you see clearly (literally and figuratively). Based on the Philips Hue, he knows exactly when it’s time to help you chill out with some delicious mood lighting… or if you’re feeling all of the disco vibes, he’s there for that too! Almost like an emotional support bot, if you will…


Image credits: climadoor

The brain box of the smart bots, what Questor doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. You want to know why giraffes have long necks, or how toilet paper is made? Just ask Questor, he’s full of answers and he’s not too bad with directions either. Created with Google Home in mind, he’s sharp, quick-witted and just a great chap to have around the house. He’ll even help entertain the kids when they start to grate on your last nerve.


Image credits: climadoor

If you need to kick back and chill but you need a gaming companion too, then Switchblade is your guy. Based on the Nintendo Switch, he’s a bucket full of fun and one of the most easy-going smart bots, he’s also more than happy to go wherever you go. He does have a tendency to be a little feisty though, especially if he’s losing a game…


Image credits: climadoor

Never before has comfort been so important to a smart bot. Thermo is obsessed with ensuring her humans are suitably warm (or cool if you’d prefer it that way, she aims to please). Based on the Nest Learning Thermostat, she makes every effort to know what it is you need, even before you do. So, if you fancy a nice hot bath after a long day at work, Thermo will have it ready and waiting for you… and maybe even a glass of wine or two if you’re lucky.