I’m Jenny O’Connor, a photographer and author of “Visible 60 Women at 60”. It is a collection of portraits of women who were 60 when I took their photographs. I took the first photograph in March 2012 and the last in June 2013. Since the book has been published, an exhibition is touring and I am continuing to grow the body of work.

Responses to the images and the stories have been quite overwhelming. Most importantly is the delight that viewers have in seeing everyday women in their entirety, portraying themselves as they are at this stage of their lives – their physicality, their spirit, their personalities and what is important to them now.

So how did this come about? Back in 2012 as I was heading towards my own 60th birthday, I had a sense that this milestone was different to others before. A period of transition, more certain in some ways but less certain in others. I wondered how other women of my age were feeling, so I decided to photograph 60 women who were 60.

More info: visibleat60.com

Valerie Smith

Ro Cambridge

Lynne Klap

Taape O’Reilly

Emma Jones

Sandy Waddell

Sharon Hollis

Julia Bracegirdle

Ros Rice

Mandy Preston

Janice Hill