I live in a small city in the middle of the desert that man hand managed to turn into an oasis. For decades, the main economic resource was viticulture.

I set out to create a photographic series that reflects some parts of the process, and show how these deeply rooted customs, are still preserved in some families.

The sun is hot in the fields and when the grape claims to be cut it is urgent to start the harvest to obtain a great wine.

In some farms the harvest is a family affair, so the parents take their children to the fields, the older ones help with the work, the young play together under the shade of the vineyard.

Before the first cut, a prayer is said to the pachamama or mother earth, to ensure a successful harvest and to thank her for the fruits obtained.

When the last cluster of grapes was cut, the ritual of dancing maidens begins. The ladies dance in the winepress full of joy for a job well done, to obtain the must with which the wine is made.

Some of these scenes of yesteryear can still be seen in some traditional estates of my land

Where it all starts

Holy water

A rest under the vines

Prayer to pachamama

Harvest friends

The dancing maidens