I’ve been working on a series of portraits of animated princesses, villainesses and a few other characters for over about a year and a half. I love working within the cosplay community as well as making beautiful portraiture and I’ve always been a bit of a nerd for animated movies, so this seemed like a fun and natural fit for me. I’ve still got more planned for this series, especially once I start on the Princes, but this is what has been created so far.

Each shoot takes a week or so to plan the wardrobe and styling, then we spend the day in studio to shoot a few hundred different poses and expressions and find the one that will work the best for each character. Then I send the files to my collaborator, Ruxandra, and she spends about a week painting all of the backdrops into the final version of each scene.

This series has been a great experience and has given rise to several more plans for the future in the same style.

More info: steffenfrancisco.com

Sally Stitches


Queen of Hearts

Peter Pan






Snow White

Queen Grimhilde