I wanted to see how similar and different people were, by asking the sorts of reflective questions you think about on your birthday to 365 different people.

With this Your Date Project series, we have 365 episodes releasing every day of 2018, featuring a different person each day. Each person’s birthday corresponds with the release date of that video.

Hope you enjoy!

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Pastor to Sam Kinison’s Manager

A 16 Time Grammy Winner’s Thoughts on Success

A Mother Who Lost Her Daughter

A 365 Day Social Experiment | Trailer

Corporate Job to Yoga Teacher

A 10 Year Old’s Thoughts on Money

Getting Older is Not Scary

Bunny Gibson’s Mother Had to Fight to Keep Her

Ex-Cop’s Heartbreaking Story

Not Even Our Parents Are Perfect

Forgive People for Who They Are

Boy Describes Adulthood

Grow to be More Like Christ

I Can’t Stop Being Creative

Not the Oscar Schindler My Father Knew

Escaping from Libya to Turkey

A Small Town YouTuber

On the Other Side of Death is Life

Amanda LaCount Knows Never to Stop Dancing