I am a digital illustrator creating colorful and detailed work on subjects ranging from fantastical and mythological to mental health and chronic illness.

Last year I funded bold enamel pin designs for others with chronic illnesses in 2019, and this year I am returning to Kickstarter to support a striking and colorful series of hard-enamel jewelry born from the fantastical side of my work!

I want to celebrate illustration and add more color to people’s everyday lives by transforming my digital illustrations into wearable art because dressing in clothes and jewelry I love has always had the effect of making me feel more confident.

The Portents collection utilizes the symbolism I often use in my work to connect the wearer to their hidden inner strength by invoking intuition, personal growth, honor, love, and expanding self-knowledge.

The Portents Kickstarter is running until March 31st and includes rewards of prints and jewelry, as well as a limited number of private commission and wholesale order options.

Check out the colorful designs via the link to reserve some for yourself! 

More info: kickstarter.com

As The Crow Flies

Three Crows For A Murder

Sleep Among Peonies

In A Prophet’s Eyes

Here’s me wearing card mock-ups of the jewellery designs!

Here’s me wearing card mock-ups of the jewellery designs!

My original digital illustration, which inspired the jewellery designs