I have a problem with people borrowing books and never returning them, so I began illustrating a set of ‘Ex Libris’ bookplates!

These bookplates allow you to mark a book as yours, while also giving you the space to add a protective curse from your own twisted imagination!

More info: bookcurse.com

“The worms will fall from your lips” – seems fair

The production prototype for the ‘Memento Mori’ design

The production prototype for the ‘Trickster’ design

This is what happened to Trickster in-between concept sketch to production prototype

Likewise, here is the production prototype and the earliest sketch of Memento Mori

Nevermore – a concept sketch. The inspiration for this one is pretty obvious

Cursed Roots – a concept sketch. I love the idea of the lifetimes that are buried and forgotten right under our feet

Carrion, Wayward Son – a concept sketch and a cheeky 70’s song reference. There’s also a ‘test curse’ on the wing to make sure that there’s enough room to write a curse of adequate venom

Doombag – the single most time-consuming of all the concept sketches

Tentacles & Tea – a concept sketch of the first stretch goal reward. Who doesn’t love a dapper and literate octopus with a monocle?

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas! Once my project is funded I’ll be able to start producing the Book Curse bookplates in earnest

Oh, Book Thief… you’ll get yours