I’m an ordinary woman, but I do very unusual things from the eggshell. I like it so much that apart from patterns, I started creating philosophical installations on ordinary eggs. I like to observe how people react to it.

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“Flower of happiness”

Decorate Goose Egg Shell Carved Egg Shell

“Оver the precipice”

Hand Carved And Decorated Goose Egg -“Оver the precipice”
Everyone has a moment!

“Dreams about East”

Carved and Painted Goose Eggshell Sakura and Japanese Crane.

“The Victorian love”

Goose Shell Egg Carved Unique Gift “The Victorian love”.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree on goose egg decorated with rhinestones Swarovski.

” Scythian gold”

Goose Shell Egg Carved Unique Gift ” Scythian gold” The image contains ancient symbols.

“Flowers in a web”

Egg art – the finest carving on goose eggshell, Very thin and neat carving!