Ever since my dad (a photography geek) bestowed upon me not only the great gift of a camera, but knowledge on how to use it in manual mode, I’ve been messing around with my camera and its custom settings. I’m still learning, but this is what I have right now. Annoyingly, I’ve lost a ton of photos from my old hard drive, but I’ll find it eventually and maybe share some of my (barely) older photos.

1. This very dark scene of a building

I took almost 10 shots getting this perfect light balance and waiting for the trees to move to the right a little more.

2. My cat being a lil’ angel

I put a rubber band on my cat’s head during a photoshoot, and he didn’t seem to mind, so I snapped a few shots, this one coming out best.

3. Cat looking out the window

4. My friend taking a photo

We were at a bus stop in Bermuda, and my friend, also a hobby photographer was taking a picture, so I snapped this.

5. robot-dino-thingy menacing face

I was playing with whatever I could find in my room one night and came across this old toy, so I started taking a ton of pictures of it. This one was probably the best, in my opinion.

6. The strings on a guitar from a low angle

7. Toy wooden sword blade

8. Toy wooden sword hand guard/handle

9. Fire at high shutter speed

10. Smaller fire

11. Towers in the fog

12. Cat’s eye in detail

13. Fence grate

14. Deer antler

15. SWISH!!!