I am Marco from a small country town in regional Victoria, Australia.

Drawing with a ballpoint has always been my favorite medium and long since I can remember that’s all I’ve really used. All these drawings have been illustrated freehand, without drafting in pencil. The idea of drawing without guides is liberating, allowing me transform any part of the drawing into anything I want.

I’ve always had the love of drawing, particularly of things that swirl around my imagination. I find fun and engaging exercise to challenge your creativity.

In this series of works I’ve been experimenting with machining the forms of organic figures by stripping them down of their natural figure and redesigning them through the combination of smaller mechanical parts.

More info: Facebook | marcomatic.com

Dapper Owl

Colors all very new to me.

Aerial Hinden Shark

Tesla Charge Rhino

Colossal Crane Angler

Lady Earl Grey and the Cat Sentinel

Metal Carapace Scarab Beetle

Bosengine Taurus

Fortress Tortoise

Peaceful and yet tough creatures. Their carapace can withstand a great deal of force.

Jet Propulsion Seahorse

Metal Mane Lion