Brandi Milne is a self-taught and emotionally driven painter based in Southern California. Her sixth solo exhibition, titled “Once Upon a Quiet Kingdom,” features 43 new paintings, 3 new drawings, and has been her main focus over the last three years.

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This new body of work is an examination of the world around her, as well as the world within her. Specifically, the discovery that as life and all its uncertainty, pain, and disappointments unfold around her, she has within herself the capability to keep safe her soft heart and cherish and nurture the beauty at its core. These new works are her own voice allowing her true self to be seen. Her strengths and her weaknesses.

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#3 Once Upon A Quiet Kingdom

Once Upon A Quiet Kingdom

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Aessidhe Eclipse 7 months ago

Looks like canibalistic snowmen, nice ;)

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#4 What Are We Afraid Of

What Are We Afraid Of

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Luck Yeah 7 months ago

I have to have a print when they come out.

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