A few months ago, I decided to start immortalizing mundane moments of my life by making illustrations out of it. I wanted to be free and experimenting with styles and colours when I would feel like it. Every week or so, after work I sit down and sketch out the moment (or thought) that I wanted to remember in the future through the lens of art.

My journey with #mylifeillustrations will continue for as long as I like doing it. You can follow it on instagram :)

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#1: Today, when I went to take my bike and get home I found it with a flat tire. I hate riding bikes with a flat tire but I had to do it this time

#2: This happened during this weekend where i had to teach myself some plumbing and go fix some broken waterpipes in my grandparents house on the mountain (in 9 places!)

#3: Me and my gf had a fight yesterday resulting me eating my spaghetti by myself. I don’t like the taste of spaghetti after a fight :(

#4: My girlfriend hates needles but she had to do some blood exams yesterday and she asked me to go with her in the examination office. She was brave! Our new raincoats performed great under the heavy rain btw

#5: I had this carpet up on the rooftop waiting for me to find time and energy to clean it. Of Course days and months went by, with rain and sun abusing it before I eventually wake up yesterday morning and wash it really good with a broom. I even got a good hand workout out of it!

#6: Last night I ​​​​​​​feel asleep listening to one of my favorite bands ‘Soft Machine’. My dreams were mellow & colourful

#7: I have been winter swimming for almost 10 years. Yesterday me and my two comrades went by bike for the first swim of the year

#8: Me and my friend Orestis just started to work on ‘Norman-Lab’ project. Creating a maker’s space out of an old unfinished brick house. Unfortunately a forest of prickly pears have already taken over the house. Cutting down all these cacti makes me feel like a warrior defending fortress from hordes of blood thirsty orcs

#9: Me and my girlfriend have been watching the Stranger Things series lately. So I had this dream in which me and her were living in the stranger things world and on this occasion we were having picnic in the middle of the night (what?) in this forest when we heard screams and other noises. We went to see what was happening….

#10: I love persimmons with passion. I have heard that ancient Greeks used to call them ‘Fruit of the Gods’. I bought a crate full of them and I eat them all day long!

#11: We recently did a bike trip in the island of Lefkada. We slept without a tent on beautiful beaches, forests and here, right next to the lighthouse. It is said that it was here when the poet Sapho have leapt to her death for the love of a ferryman. What a place! My favorite memory from this trip

#12: I just moved to the big city leaving my girlfriend behind :( Fortunately my brother lives here so we het to spend our evenings together :)

#13: When you start feeling the black nasty tar of the world burning your skin, you have to let beautiful, odd, adventurous music take you to another dimension where darkness is replaced by bright colours

#14: Recently my girlfriend came to visit me. We had some great time together but unfortunately she was caughing hard during the night in her sleep. She was insisting not to open the window too. So I spent the night sweating like a horse, waiting for the morning