We’ve got to hand it to the Swedish furniture giant Ikea, they know how to raise some hype. To get the word out about the new Clermont-Ferrand store opening in France at the end of the month, IKEA teamed up with creative agency Ubi Bene to erect a flat, vertical apartment filled with IKEA furniture on a professional rock-climbing wall.

The 9m x 10m wall comes with a couch, cupboards, coffee tables, chairs, cabinets, trays, carpets, towels, wardrobes, dressers, display shelves and even a queen-sized bed that climbers have to navigate their way past as they aim for the top. Of course, they can rest on a couch, a chair or even a cupboard if they get tired. Unfortunately, it’d take quite a bit of effort to nap on the bed.

The wall is now open to curious climbers during the day every week from Wednesday to Sunday.

More info: ubi-bene.fr | Facebook (h/t: designboom, golem13.fr)