In a world of virtual connections, our games have gone digital. Gone are the sacred moments when we used to gather around a table and played with physical objects; Nowadays, few families keep this tradition alive. To bring back this moments, board games need to adapt and evolve, be easier to understand, faster to start, interesting to finish and be able to engage people to keep playing round after round. We designed The Grid Game by keeping all these essential features of an exciting board game in mind. We think it’s time like this we need to play board games again.

The Grid Game has been developed for more than three years. Our objective was simple, create and easy to undestand + beautiful to see game that can be played with or without strategy, that can be played alone or in large groups. We based our game in a worldwide recognized game, The dominoes, and then we evolved the game creating a new design for the tiles and with that some new interactions between the tiles, we added tridimensionality to the game, this resulted in a dynamic game that create beautiful patterns everytime you play it.

The Grid game has 88 tiles, divided in 4 different types of tiles, the single tiles the doubles, the triples and the black ones. In the game exist every possible combination between the 6 colors of the grid game (it is in fact a mathematical matrix of combinations)

The rules are really simple, First thing to do is to match colors. Second rule is to match heights, all the tiles have 2 different heights so you have to continue the pattern by matching the same side heights. If you want to play a tile in your turn it has to touch and match two tiles on the board at the same time. The black tiles serve as locks, when you are able to play a black tile it will block its surroundings, this causes that the game grows in different directions, creating amazing and beautiful patterns that are almost unrepeatable. To win the game you have to play all your tiles first than anyone.

The Grid Game is a colorful reinvention of the dominoes, it is a competitive + collaboration game that can be enjoyed by up to 11 players and can be showcase at your table with its unique aesthetics.

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Create Beautiful patterns as you play

Countless possibilities of patterns

A colorful reinvention of the dominoes

Playing The Grid Game becomes addictive

Playing the Grid Game