I was researching the use of machine learning in software and it inspired me to write a book about what might happen if we could apply that technology to stuffed toys in the future!

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Papple the Pineapple is a little machine learning stuffed toy that made his way from the sunny shores of Maui to New York

His software has some issues so he has trouble learning and developing, but he doesn’t let that discourage him!

With the help of a few friends he is able to overcome his fears and plot revenge against a big bully that is making life horrible for his girl.

He learns a lot about himself while he adventures out into NYC on his own.

Pizza fuels his software and hardware!

He enjoys games at Madison Square Garden (and is a sucker for underdogs because he is one too!)

He soon discovers a new career and dreams about being a fun manager (an unfortunate misunderstanding of the job of his boy)

If you pay a bit more attention, you just may see a little yellow ball running around the streets of Manhattan one day!