This is story of a cheezdoodle that somehow, against all the odds and predictions and sanity, got into power.

I took soundbites from a totally unrelated political leader to give the short videos some added humour.

I tried to make these as quickly and simply as possible. The quality of the animation and work wasn’t the most important thing I was trying to share. Actually, I’d never really used After Effects before so I was learning how to as I made these. In my practice in general I’m always trying to blur the lines of reality. Perhaps when seeing these videos you might have ideas for similar videos of your own, using other snacks and foods. Anything can have a personality if you just use your imagination.

I hope that these raise a smile and people are able to see the funny side of a cheezdoodle being president, because if a cheezdoodle did actually become president it probably would not be very funny at all.

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