I’ve been to the zoo for a long time, so it was the perfect timing to look at how they feel at the zoo in Budapest in a sunny Sunday. The first animal that I saw is a little elephant that is watering by a Zoo keeper. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics – but they were so sweet, I swear.

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#1 – The “big” thinker on the edge

#2 – I have to calm down

#3 – I want more apple, feed me!

#4 – What am I doing here?

#5 – I got lost. Could you help me?

#6 – I feel sad about something

#7 – Mom is the most comfortable

#8 – True love

#9 – Just look at my eyes

#10 – How you doin’, honey?

#11 – Your turn!

#12 – I got this, I got this!

#13 – I love human so much

#14 – Ohh deer…

#15 – I’m so cute

#16 – I’m the king of zoo