A couple of years ago, after I lost a good friend of mine, I realized that life’s too short to be living someone else’s expectations, even if that meant going against your closest friends and family.

Until now, it was always an endless whirlpool of waiting for the right moment and in parallel trying to fit in the norms of society.. I’m still yet to understand why people put up a fake front, that, unfortunately after a couple of years surpasses their true personality.

A couple of days ago, I ended up unexpectedly in Sydney. I had been talking about this trip for nearly 5 years however, it was never the so called “right time”. I found myself at the airport at 5.30 in the morning in total confusion, it’s as if I had went to bed in Bulgaria and woke up in Australia. With no sense of orientation, I somehow managed for less than 30 min to find the beach on which I had spent so many Birthdays, Christmases and family gatherings. I remembered nothing from that stage of my childhood and although I was the only person there at that time, it just felt right and safe….

I’m still yet to explore Sydney in all its glory from the ‘grown up’ me but the feelings of that child that was here 20 years ago remain within..

These are some of my favourite photos taken over the first days here, I hope you like them ☺

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