In January 2015 I set off on the biggest adventure of my life – 17 month solo trip around the world. I went to 12 countries, and in each of them found one person I asked the question: WHAT MAKES YOU WAKE UP EVERY DAY?

Before leaving, I believed we all want the same thing: to love and be loved. Form relationships, families, communities. I assumed we all want to lead a successful life. Was I right? Is there only one correct way of reaching happiness?

Put your headphones on and enjoy this 19-minute journey around the world.

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Mandip from India

Mandip’s purpose in life is creating the ultimate connection with the universe. Meditation is what will help him achieve it. As he says, when he fully connects with the universe he will reach happiness.

Kunga from Nepal

“Family, friends and mostly my dreams. My dream is to become a doctor and I hope I become a good doctor one day. It gives me motivation to wake up every day.”

Shindanai from Thailand

“I don’t have motivation to get up in the morning. I just broke up with my girlfriend, almost a month ago. I need a new motivation, that’s why I’m moving to London, to start a new life.”

Chhay from Cambodia

Chhay told me about a disappointing level of education in his country. He plans to come to power and fix the school system.

Tamaziun from Malaysia

“I never thought about this question. Every morning I wake up because I think that to be able to wake up is a blessing and I just can’t wait to wake up and see this beautiful world and what life has to bring.”

Hai from Indonesia

“Every morning I think what I’m going to do today and I try to learn everything and get better. Life is like a route. Sometimes you’re at the bottom, sometimes you’re feeling better, sometimes you’re feeling bad. Everything is possible for me. Everything is possible, but not so easy.”

Haylee from Australia

“The first thing is having a big vision, big goal, big dream. I believe in myself, I believe in that vision so every day I take little steps in the direction of that dream. The second thing is I’m very passionate the environment and animal rights. A big part of how I live is I like to spread awareness and be a living example of someone who lives consciously, eat consciously and I hope that that inspires other people to do the same. The last thing is the little, simple things in life. Being out in nature, sounds of the birds, taking my dog for a walk in nature. All those simple things that we miss when we’re busy or caught up in things. “

Tatiana from New Zealand

“Motivation is definitely from my family and working as well. Also passing my culture and my heritage onto other people. That’s what wakes me up every morning.”

Veronica from Ecuador

“It’s love but in a higher sense of the word. I want to help people. I want to work with kids with cancer because they are vulnerable and they need a lot of help. Having cancer is not easy for anybody and I know it’s not going to be easy, but helping them is my major goal.”

Noemi from Mexico

“I love and appreciate life. I love to wake up and do something different. I couldn’t live a routine life or do the same things every day. Doing new things makes me feel alive.”

Me from Poland

I asked myself this question before flying to India, which was the first country that I visited on this trip. My answer was traveling. This trip motivated me to get up every day for over two years. It was two years of preparation, saving money, collecting my equipment, and above all, two years of hard work. My only motivation was my upcoming trip. And how would I answer this question today? After these 17 months? Differently. I learned how important my family and friends were. I realized how little time I dedicated to them, and how it came easy for me to judge them. I learned how much they mean and how much I would love to be with them again. What had to happen to lead me to this conclusion? I had to leave…

I also realized that life is fragile and we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Now I know that life is a gift. Every night before going to bed I thank for everything that happened to me. It is not just about big things, it’s also about the smallest. I thank for the juicy strawberries, I thank for a child’s smile I saw on the street, I thank for the feeling of a warm dog’s coat. I started to appreciate the little things again.

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