My name is Deanna Hurt and I’m a pet photographer in Colorado, AKA StinkDog Photos.

When my schedule allows I take photos of dogs available for adoption. Once I was taking photos of this all black pit bull – chow mix and my handler said, “you better back up, I’m not so sure about this one.” I didn’t get that vibe from him he just seemed a little nervous. What I saw was a dog that was wondering, “will you be kind to me?”

About a month later my husband and I were thinking about adopting a dog and I remembered him. It turns out Boo Radley hadn’t been adopted yet so we brought him home for an overnight visit to see if he would be a good fit for our family. It turns out as soon as he was out of the shelter he was a big goofball and a super squishy love bug. We filled out the adoption papers as soon as the shelter opened in the morning.

Not only is he my best furry friend and part of our family it turns out he’s been an amazing model too. He loves to learn new tricks and he’ll do anything for cheese. Here are a few of the photos I’ve taken of Boo Radley the last few years. He’s not a dog you need to watch out for he’s a dog you want to watch because he’s hilarious.

More info:

American Boo

You wanna pass me a doughnut?

Stay calm I heard a cheese wrapper

Majestic Boo

High Five for cheese

Boo Radley serves and protects

Boo as Jon Snow


Boo as Beavis and Butthead