In my last post I was telling you about my life: as a programmist, as a model, as a writer, as a happy woman! Today I want to show you my newest book! I’m so happy I’ve publicated it in “House of Horror” publisher. 

I was writing it through one and half year. Then I was looking for publisher through two years… I was thinking it’s impossible to publicate it. But I never give up – I believe in my dreams, so after about 3,5 years of hard work – I can keep my newest book in my hands! That’s amazing feeling.

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Riddoch Syndrome. Part one. The won’t be a better world

It’s zombie apocalypse story. Jesse, commander of the Cleansers, have to find The First Man – a first zombie on the world

Here’s a lot of action: explosions, chases, twists!

The action takes place in the future. Characters can use modern weapon and inventions you haven’t dreamed of

People tell me this book is great! Compare it to “World War Z” and “Resident Evil”

I’m dreaming about publicate it in english… I need to find a translator, because my english isn’t good enough, but I believe that “If I want – I can!”

That’s my fifth book. Everyone was very tiring for me: I was writing through years, I was looking for publisher, I was making marketing… But I feel satisfied. It’s the best emotion in the world

If you dreaming about something – just do it! Never give up and let your dreams come true!