I’ve always been quite sad that I have no idea how to draw, paint or even create a visually pleasant pattern. So you can only imagine my joy when I found out about SprayPrinter. I mean, come on! A machine that can basically make me able to create paintings that look like an artist’s work?! Could it possibly be possible? I can’t even draw a cat!

But of course! This is the answer. Right here. In one app and a clever gadget. I mean, we’re all such tech people these days, why not use what brainpower has given us and start painting! It’s not even that complicated. Anyone can handle it. The hardest part might really be choosing the picture because you can choose any image you like!

You know, behind every great idea there’s a ton of passion and courage. Behind SprayPrinter there are people who share the same idea, the same passion and a huge amount of courage. And the idea that started as one man’s desperate need to draw a unicorn onto his daughter’s wall became a machine that lets all of us, including the ones who struggle with artistic expression, experience the spectacular ability to paint pictures on walls. It is, in my mind, truly amazing and awesome. I’m so glad to be able to share this with all of you.

The printer looks like this

With a spray can inserted, ready to print.

You can use SprayPrinter indoors or outdoors

Add different layers and different colors.

You can really focus on getting the details just right

Change the speed and the size of the printed pixels.

A repro of a painting by Jüri Arrak, now made with SprayPrinter

Work in progress.

You can design your home or office

Style your walls just the way you like.

SprayPrinters packaged and ready

Here is a short tutorial on how to use SprayPrinter