I wanted to make one letter, A, something special for my name. And then…after days of work, I managed to finish this personal project where the beauty of nature and its vibrant colors come to life from the simple letters of the alphabet. So, here is my floral lettering concept project.

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A is for Alstroemeria

B is for Buddleja

C is for Calla Lily

D is for Desert Rose

E is for Everlasting Daisy

F is for Frangipani

G is for Gerbera

H is for Hydrangea

I is for Ice Plant

J is for Jonquil

K is for Kaffir Lily

L is for Lotus

M is for Mimosa

N is for Nigella

O is for Ornamental Poppy

P is for Poppy Anemone

Q is for Quince

R is for Rondeletia

S is for Sunflower

T is for Tiger Plant

U is for Urn Plant

V is for Veronica Incana

W is for Wax Plant

X is for Xerophyllum

Y is for Yarrow

Z is for Zephyranthes