I’m an emerging artist experimenting with mixed media, trying to understand if the traditional medium of painting can survive the era of digital culture.

My works analyze the concept of painting as texture, colour and transparency, and I use three-dimensional materials which are frequently transparent or reflective, to avoid the two-dimensional vision of the world of graphics.

My paintings are identified by strong, vivid colors and by the manipulation of the calligraphic line which often hides coded messages whose main themes are love, loss, yearning and desire.

I chose the name INVISIBLE LODESTAR to represent a concept rather than a person: “an invisible lodestar is anything that makes you feel at home, wherever you are, might it be art, love or anything else you can’t live a day without”.

More info: vimeo.com

This mixed media piece is made with ink, resin, oil pastels and wool threads on paper and plastic

This 3D work is a portrait made of words and coded messages on 2 different layers

This mixed media piece carries a message of love in the coded calligraphy hidden within the colours

This piece is a portrait made of ink and resin on 2 different transparent layers of material

On this mixed media piece, the wool threads design a coded message within the picture (which says ‘Never with you’)

This 3D painting is an abstract portrait hiding words of love, yearning and desire on 2 different layers of materials

This 3D work is made of felt pen, ink, oil pastels and yarns, and it’s a coded message on the themes of yearning and loss in a love story

This mixed media painting is about a love story: a question mark creates a flower, whose leaves says ‘I will love you forever’