In Germany, Ramstein is the biggest US air force base outside United States.

Inside this area, everything is Americain, food, architecture, shops, streets, cars, even churches and mosque for Muslim soldiers.

One of the entries of the base from the airport

Special briefing during a nato exercice

Polish paratroopers during the nato exercice

A part of the US Air Force planes

This US military base is in Germany since the end of the WW2

Inside the base airport, direction USA

A huge hotel is available for miltary people coming for few nights

But the most incredible is the huge commercial center inside the base…

You can buy what you want, it’s came directly from USA

Even a barbecue… and it’s tax free!

Everything is here for families confort

Even an Apple Store !

Soldiers can have room inside the base

Ramstein Air Force Base is a real city into the city

Inside, it’s like a USA city

Soldiers have also access to a lot of installation, especially two big gym

One of the gym

Ramstein is the most important “hub” in Europe for military

This is the biggest outside USA

But there are also everything you need to practice your religion

If you are Jewish…

… Christian…

… or even muslim

There is a Friday preach every week

Here is a US Air Force Imam

Inside the commercial center, you can eat with your family

Every US specialities are here

Even outside the base, in the little town of Ramstein-Miesenbach, you can see the US Air Force presence

Living the base, direction USA