In the era of speed and technology, we tend to lose ourselves and maybe forget where we came from. From the desire to preserve our origins and live in a world more colorful, more joyful, I started to vectorize Romanian traditional embroideries.

In this way they will be used on any type of material, any type of design, from clothing, to furniture, decorations, advertising materials, packaging etc. The elements from our traditional Romanian costumes, visual symbols with great historical significance, will be visible to anyone. According to Wikipedia, “Romania is one of the few countries in the world where, in 2000, some people in villages still wear traditional costumes and on weekdays, not only during certain holidays. Romania is distinguished by a great variety of extraordinary costumes.” Shirt (“Ia”), the canvas on which our ancestors made their creations, is the transposition of certain events, social differences, age etc.

However, we can not state the exact date of the “Ie”, but presumably it was first worn by the population of Cucuteni. The traditional costume is one of the most important forms of culture of a nation, on the basis of realizing numerous research: genesis and historical main stages of evolution, contemporary forms and the spreading area, originality in relation to other peoples port, his contribution to the genesis of a nation. Even if the project idea started from Romanian Traditional Motifs, I’ve crossed the border of our country and I vectorized Traditional Motifs from Russia, Ukraine etc., even contemporary motifs.



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