Think Martha Stewart and Snoop hanging out, making unexpected things happen. Sugar coated bundles of detail and slight oddness combined to make work that is arresting and uncanny.

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I paint with wool, creating fiber paintings and wearables. I was first exposed to felted wearables on a trip to Amsterdam. A friend then taught me the basics and I created swanky wraps. One day I wondered if I could make a portrait. I had not seen one made of fiber, and I had never created one with paint, pencil or anything else. My chihuahua, Chico, was my first subject. It worked. The next few…not so much. I kept at it until the likenesses were recognizable.

I’m drawn to subjects who intrigue me or those to whom I have a sentimental attachment. People ask, “are these painted? Glued?” Nope. I use wool and a felting needle. And time. Lots of time.

The making of a fiber portrait of Stephen Colbert

Stephen Loves Me

From Beginning to End – fiber painting of Stephen Colbert

The rose was created with wet-felting process