For the last ten years I have placed bits of the plants that grow all around me on my scanner to freeze the moment at which I found them.

The things that lie on the ground are unnoticed by most. But I see them, am delighted by them and show them to others in a way that allows them to appreciate the common, and the overlooked.

All of these things were picked up within 3 or 4 hundred yards of my front door in Pt. Richmond, California

Ornamental Pear leaves with Plantain seed heads

Crabapple leaves

Roses with virus

Gazania flowers, Plantian seed heads, and Ornamental Pear and Double ornamental cherry leaves

Unknown leaf – both sides

Yarrow flowers

Unknown flower

Hydrangea florets and leaves

Datura blossom

Mallow flowers and leaves with silk overlay

Ornamental Grape Vine

Unknown bean pods & Night Heron feathers

Chinese Elm Twig. Distorted in Photoshop

Dry Bougainvillea bracts

Meyer Lemon leaf skeletons and poinsettia leaf

Daisy Faces

Evergreen Pear leaves

Red Gazania

Dry Pink Geranium leaves

Ornamental Grape Vine

Rose Leaves with Virus

Japanese Iris, Amaryllis, Bouganvillea, Anice, & Verbena Flowers