My name is Mason Rinehart and I’m an industrial designer from Southern California. One of my best friends has designed and created a new wooden construction toy called Bokah Blocks. They are relatively simple in design with only two components. One is the actual Bokah block which comes in 4 different lengths. The other is the flexible Bendy that connects the Bokah blocks together.

As a Stars Wars fan, I was inspired to build the iconic vehicles from the films. The first thing I created was the Millennium Falcon. The legendary ship took one Ultimate Set to build and about 2 hours to complete from concept to completion. It spans approximately 18 inches in width and 7 inches in height.

Every hero needs a villain, so I set off to build the arch enemy of the Falcon, the TIE Fighter. This was a simpler build, only requiring about 3/4 of a set to build and an hour to complete. This ship’s most impressive feature are the wings, which brings its height to 18 inches.

For my last inspiration, I wanted to build even bigger. I decided to tackle the biggest walker in the Empire, the AT-AT. It stands 2.5 feet tall with functional knee joints for its legs. This beast took one and a half Ultimate sets and around 3 hours to complete.

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Millennium Falcon

TIE Fighter