In 1989 Romania violently ended decades of communism, but not everything was wiped out. Some things in my life still taste of communism.

One day I took my Smena 8M on a bicycle ride across the Transylvanian city of Targu Mures.

The Smena 8M was a simple and very affordable camera made in the USSR. The world seen through its lens is very different!

To be continued!

Workers take a bus ride home

Ironically, this Mercedes O305G bus was build in Western-Germany during the Cold War and had been imported in Post-Communist Romania.
An upgrade that actually freezes time and throws us back into the passed era.

The corner shop

Mobile phones aren’t for everyone

This public phones were upgraded after the fall of communism, but their users didn’t change.

One retired MiG-21

In the airport’s backyard

The gate of a former collective farm in Ungheni

Azomures : a fertilizer-producing plant

Along the main train station of the city

A Post-Communist gas station, yet a Communist feeling


I forgot to wind the camera and I now have a picture of both ongoing and abandoned communist industry examples.