Have you ever seen a figure of a woman in front of a ship? Ever wondered what’s that about? Well, I have and found out that the figureheads were popular with the early sailors because the ships were treated as a living thing. A figurehead was supposed to protect the vessel at the sea, find the way across the water and calm the seas. The ships were considered to be female, so the figureheads were generally women, often pictured with a sword and a dove… and just like that, this random thought and a google search turned into an idea of an image.

This image here is more or less what I think a relationship (pun intended) is: like a vessel on a stormy sea. Sometimes you have good weather, sometimes bad weather, and sometimes you get totally lost and need each other to get safely back to your harbor.

More info: anttikarppinen.com

Final image

Concept sketch

Testing poses

Light setup

Retouching progress