I noticed I was photographing my own kids less and less. The weather was cold outside, the days were dark, the schedule was busy, there never seemed a “right time”.

I decided to keep my camera close by at home to capture what pulled at my heart, whatever that may be. No set ups, just documenting these little lives that I love.

What drew me in wasn’t posed, wasn’t dressed up, wasn’t light and colourful but it was my babies, it was home, it was authentic. I love the results and I’m going to keep my camera close by from now on.

More info: catrionascottphotography.com

Playing in the sunlight

Making a den in the livingroom

Watching Paw Patrol in his den (with a balloon in a bowl!)

Playing minecraft

Sorting Elsa’s hair

Making a den in the wardrobe

Looking out the window, watching and waiting for the bin lorry

Giving careful thought to “fishing” the shells from the floor from his little boat