This is my take on how mental conflict might look when you try illustrating it. And after 50 hours of paper-cutting, this is how it looked!

I’m Elen, a paper artist based in Abu Dhabi. I have always been fascinated by paper. I love experimenting and exploring the endless possibilities that can be created using paper.

This ‪‎560*430 mm artwork has been inspired by various forms of microscopic organisms, the artwork has evolved from an original abstract illustration that depicts the effect of negativity on a human mind.

Description: one has never dreamt of chaos. Chaos appears subtly first by just picking your nucleus, your life-source, the one that drives you. As old as nature shielding itself, still delicate from the bruised but open wounds, comes the attack of a million-tentacled thoughts latching on for answers, oozing out the negativity. Drawing you deeper inside, looking different every time you face the mirror.

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