How do we define our identities, how do we manage to exist, survive against the backdrop of urban landscape? Who are we? Be it a megalopolis in the heart of Western Europe, be it a one-horse town at the outskirts of Balkans me-against-the-world feeling in the city context is omnipresent. And my street photographs, taken in Odessa, Lviv, Berlin, Drama, Thessaloniki, serve as proof that loneliness knows no borders, no nationalities.

These photographs belong to the Urban Loneliness series which will be exhibited in Kyiv, Ukraine, in the end of 2017.

Department Store Cossack (Odessa, 2014)

No light in the end of my tunnel (Odessa, 2016)

Teenage Black Swans (Odessa, 2014)

Corporate Anonymous (Berlin, 2016)

Young&Nostalgic (Drama, 2014)

Invisible tragedies (Drama, 2014)

His own journey (Berlin, 2016)

King of the world (Lviv, 2014)

The Actress (Thessaloniki, 2014)

Dora Maar from Eastern Europe (Odessa, 2017)