When I moved to our new house one of the first things I did was set up a feeding station for the local birds. Winters can be harsh for the small birds and I wanted to help them through with a ready source of food.

Placing the station close to the window means I have the added bonus of being able to watch their antics and see their bright colours on a cold winter’s day.

Last week alone there were 14 different bird species visiting. Some were fairly common but one or two are much rarer visitors forced closer than they’d like to human habitation by a lengthy cold spell.

Photographing these birds has been a great way to improve my skills so that I can get some great shots when travelling in the countryside.

Here’s a few highlights from last week.

If you want to get into photographing wildlife, follow the link for an advice filled article.

More info: medium.com

Long-tailed Tit

This is my favourite shot of the week. This little bird just looks adorably cute.
Fluffed up against the winter cold he looks like feathered ping pong ball :-)


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Tit

Coal Tit