I traveled to Mongolian the Gobi and took stunning pictures of this exotic desert. And take pictures of Prehistoric dinosaur fossil sites to Centuries old Mongolian nomadic culture, from great desert adventures to pleasant leisure activities, from stunning desert landscapes to local camel herders are captured. You may imagine Mongolian Gobi that it is just an empty, dry and warm desert. But after seeing these photos, your thought would absolutely be changed.

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Gobi desert of Mongolia

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Mongolian Gobi – Home to Prehistoric Remains

The Gobi desert of Mongolia is one of the hottest spots for World’s historical, archaeological and paleontology research. The Gobi Desert was unknown to the world until Marco Polo’s travel in the 13th century. Many other explorers followed Polo’s journey and traveled through the Gobi Desert such as Roy Chapman Andrew’s expedition. Their most impressive discovery was the first ever scientifically recognized dinosaur eggs in the world. The eggs, pictured left, were found at an incredibly dense fossil site called Flaming Cliffs in Southern Mongolia.

Scenic and Exotic Desert of Mongolia

Contrasting colors of ragged mountains, sand dunes, green oasis, mystic mirages are not only the photographic objects, but also the Gobi is a land of roaming camels, gazelles and endangered wild animals – it makes Gobi the most exotic desert on earth.

Camels in Mongolian Gobi

Domestic Bactrian camel has been one of the most important animals for steppe nomads since it had domesticated in 2500BC. Also, there are Wild Bactrian Camels, called ‘Khavtgai’ are survived and still roaming through Mongolian Gobi desert.

Wildlife of the Gobi

Mongolian arid deserts and steppe ecosystems provide homes for Mongolia’s varied reptiles and other forms of wildlife.

Camel Herding Nomads of Mongolian Gobi

truly live a rugged existence, living off the land and relying on Mother Nature to provide. Their lives are unbelievably simple. Mongolian nomadic people have minimal possessions and only take from the land and the livestock what they need, when they need it. They are also known as the most hospitable people on earth and it is easily seen when you enter their dwelling / Ger/.

Nomadic dwelling -Ger

Simple nomadic dwelling Ger -easy to break down and easy to erect and warm in winter, cool in summer. Mongolian nomads have been moving with their Gers and living like this way for thousands of years. And the Ger has developed and changed very little for centuries.

Local Herders

Mongolian Gobi should be your next Adventure

The Gobi is a place of beauty, mystery, culture and wonder that captivates adventurers all around the World. Travelers and photographers are coming for its stunning scenery, mystic historical remains, authentic nomads, their traditions and magnificent wildlife even the terrain is barren and weather is extreme.

Khongor Sand Dune

Khongor Sand Dunes- The true destination for challengers, climbers, photographers and bikers too.

The edge

Climbing sand dune is one of the must try activities in the Gobi. 6-12 km (3.7-7.5 mi) wide, 180 km (110 mi) long and rising to a height of 80 m (260 ft) and the highest point is at 300 m (980 ft).

“Yol Valley” in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park,

home to endangered species of mammals, birds and reptiles. Walking through the dramatic gorges along with colorful flowers, rocky outcrops and deep ice field that forms in winter and remains well into summer.